Chabiwala.in is the most reliable company which provides 24 * 7 Lock Opening and Key Duplication Service at your Doorstep.


Chabiwala.in is the most reliable company which provides 24 * 7 Lock Opening and Key Duplication Service at your Doorstep.

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Due to metal fatigue and regular use of keys, your keys will eventually undergo wear and tear. If the key breaks off inside the lock, then it can be very difficult to remove it.
Our Locksmith can help you access your premises and then usually rekey the lock. Our Locksmith may also offer key cutting services to provide you with a new key, or even replace the lock, if necessary.


Just like keys, locks can wear out and fail to work properly. Or someone might damage them while trying to gain access to your home or business premises. If this happens, trying to open the lock will take more time and effort. And in some instances, it might fail to unlock completely, leaving you locked out of your own house, car or business. Our locksmith can help repair or replace damaged locks.
A person who repairs and/or makes locks and supplies keys. Building: locks & locksmithing.
Normally people say locksmiths as Chabi wala.
So as the name suggests Chabi wala, Our Locksmith are called chabi wala they give service of lock and keys. Chabi wala can provide you service at your doorstep, you don’t need to go outside and search for near by chabi wala. We are here to serve you 24 * 7.


One of the most common reasons why you would need an emergency locksmith is when you’ve been locked out of your home. You might rush out to grab the newspaper or check mail, go outside to garden or mow, or talk with your neighbours. Without bringing your keys, the door closes behind you and a door lock engages. Or your child might lock the door when you step outside, and might not be able to open it. Once you are locked out of your home, you may not have another option but to call a locksmith.
We are providing emergency Locksmith service. Our key maker will be at your place within 30 minutes of time. Get Instant solution for your problem.


Right at the top of the lists of reasons: call a locksmith when you’ve lost the keys to your house or business. In these situations, there usually isn’t any other option than to call a professional locksmith to help you gain access and for lock rekeying.

New Lock Installation Service

We will install your lock free of cost. You just need to call us our key maker will come with a new lock which you had been selected then install it and your place. Now no need to search for labour for the installation of a new lock.

Just like the name suggests, locksmiths are professionals key maker who have been trained to work with keys and locks. They can replace locks, duplicate keys, and even break a lock, without damaging the doorway. They make keys without damaging lock also and open door also without damaging locks.
Any branded lock they can open. Locksmiths can open Europa Lock, Godrej door Locks, Cycle Lock, Gate Lock, Bike locks, Main door locks etc.