About Us

CHABIWALA.IN is a company which provides 24×7 lock opening & key Duplication service at Doorstep.

How it all started

One day I went to a friend’s birthday party and went home at 11:00 pm after reaching home I found that I have lost my keys in party tried to search everywhere but no clue of it then I tried to search key maker who can help me out with this problem but there was no proper response from key makers and I finally I have to hammer my door which caused very much damaged to it and it cost me around 10,000 to replace my door.

Then I thought of this problem and tried to create solution for the problem which I faced
Then emerge a company name chabiwala.in

You will be thinking why chabiwala.in it is because we Indians generally call these people chabiwala (the key makers) and .in because we are Indian company that’s why I named our company chabiwala.in

Through this company we are trying to provide professional key making service at Doorstep Which will be secure & reliable.

We only provide professional key makers which will provide reliable & fast service to our customers.

What are we trying to solve

Earlier I noticed it was difficult to call a key maker for service We made it easier with website you just have to what’s app your details & your work will be done in 30 minutes without going outside home in search of key maker.

Also there was problem of security of consumer that how they believe a key maker without his identity So we solve this problem by having police clearance certificate for key makers so they will not have any criminal background and also all our key makers will be having their background check so no need to worry about your security because your security is our priority.

There was problem of having standard quality remote keys

So, we are trying to simplify this problem by only providing standard quality products to our customers with ease and reliability.

No service available of making Computerized keys at Doorstep

So, we started providing Computerized key duplication service at Doorstep.

There was no online service for Cupboard lock repairing & key duplication

We started providing service cupboard lock repairing in affordable & reliable way.